Behind The Name

Foto Istimewa

By: Nailul Rofika

I owe my burden to The myth of Life

Where the History eternity  survived

And i Wrote down All the sacrifice to the honour of Death

Where i see the truth in sadness and what is surprise called fate

And now this heart feels deep through the way

And it slowly hard find its way

perhaps it was the blaspheme of curse

The Gibe that i surrendering by God’s rules

Perhaps , Now i only can begging for a Pity  from The Majesty of destiny

I can not holding on it

I can not stepping forward againts  the desire

I see thus all surrounding by me

when my bloody body felt down to ground

I propose the soul to sturdy

In the End of breath, precisely My dying Agony

The light of death calling me

I realize it is my time to leave


No, i was thinking about my holy grave,

Lied with a bottle of grape Grip by Abuse of chafe

It will be very fine for me

if it is the end

it will be alright for me

Because i see life’s as fun as created a name

Biodata Penulis

Penulis bernama Nailul Rofika mahasiswa Universitas Jambi



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